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My Books

These are my self-published books. My traditionally published books are non-fiction books for kids, the type you might find in your local elementary school library. For a complete listing, visit my author page at Amazon.



The Dala Horse
The Dala Horse

Available now in e-book, paperback and audio formats

10-year-old Kaya Olson lives in a small Norwegian immigrant settlement in post-Civil War Texas. When her mother is killed in a stage coach robbery, Kaya feels responsible. Can she uncover the secrets her family is keeping to solve the mystery surrounding her mother's death?




Available now in e-book and paperback

This is the story of Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca, the Spanish explorer and first European ever to set foot in some parts of the American Southwest. He and a handful of survivors of a doomed mission to explore Florida washed ashore on an island off the Texas coast in 1528. For eight years he wandered through what is now Texas, Mexico, and perhaps parts of Arizona and New Mexico before finding fellow Spaniards near the Pacific coast of Mexico in 1536.